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The nonprofit folklore society Kiitsharakad (Magpies)

has taken very seriously the task to collect, preserve and perform the Estonian folklore as widely and deeply as possible, in the first hand the dances, songs, games, melodies, habits, traditions and handwork of Vigala Parish and West-Estonia. For this reason schooling days, camps, workshops, exhibitions, dancing-and-playing-together events, per-formances, studying- and concert trips have been organized, which have brought us to different places in Estonia, also to Finland, Hungary and Germany.




In addition to pure folklore we perform contemporary dances of different authors.


The folklore society Kiitsharakad:

The Children Folklore Group

The Group of Authentic Folk Music

Gretelis Liländer   

Meeli Pappe

Anni Vitsberg

Liis Einling

Triinu Ülemaante

Liina Otti

     Signe-Renate Saar

     Tuuli Roosi

Hendrikko Juhkam

Kersti Einling





Mixed Folk Dance Group

Hillar Orav –  Marje Orav

Raivu Ülemaante – Anneli Ülemaante

Einar Nei – Margit Liira

Andres Kikas – Liina Kikas

Riina Asumets – Hendrikko Juhkam


Women Folk Dance Group


Janika Liländer   –    Ene Tammis

Natalia Lüllmaa   –   Margit Liira

Maie Hints      –      Valve Jaakson

Anneli Ülemaante –  Maire Kuusik

Raili Roosi         –      Kaja Vallimaa

Aili Soonberg     –     Marje Orav

Liina Kikas


Events, festivals, meetings, camps which have been taken part in and organized by the society

General Song and Dance Festivals in Tallinn in 1994, 2004, 2009

10th Youth Song and Dance Festival  On the threshold of Yggdrasil 2007

Estonian and Finnish Dance Festival in Helsinki in 2000

Song and Dance Festivals of Rapla County

Events for the folk dancers of West-Estonia

Song and Dance Festival of West-Estonia

Festivals and dance events organized by the Estonian Folkdance and Folk Music Association (abbreviation ERRS)

Dancing competition events for women dance groups

Võru Folklore Festival 1997 (in South Estonia)

Folklore Festival Baltica in 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007,2010

34th European Folklore Festival in Bitburg

(Germany) in 1998

Events of authentic folklore in Vigala Municipality starting from 1999

Folklore Festival Viru Säru in 2003

Jaakonpäivat  in Finland  in 2003

International County-Wandering Festival in Hungary 2008

Folklore camps for children starting from 2003

Events of Mahtra Peasantry Museum

Summer party in Sillaotsa Farm Museum

Events of Hanila Peasantry Museum

Participation in the performances of the acting group Topelt-Kiiks

Dance events of the three places in Jõõpre, Sargvere and Vana-Vigala

Summer parties of Vigala Municipality, let´s-do-ourselves-days, folklore days, dance days, events in the culture house

Midsummer Night’s party in Rocca-al-Mare Open Air Museum

Old Town Days of Tallinn

Cultural events of Pärnu- Jaagupi and Halinga Municipality


Magpies perform:

authors` dances

folkloristic dances

authentic folk music

song plays

runic songs


The Dance Song Play Society of Haanja

The mixed folk dance group Vallatsi

The mixed folk dance group Vallatud

The mixed folk dance group Kaareke

The acting group “Topelt-Kiiks” 






Vana-Vigala Culture House

Estonian National Folklore Council

Estonian Folkdance and Folk Music Association

The Leader programme